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Alex Rockin Japanese is a free online resource and blog that helps people study Japanese and improve their language skills. Our goal is to help beginners, intermediates, and advanced students to reach fluency. Alex Rockin Japan is best known for its free lessons and thorough blog posts.

“I want to help people who study Japanese and dream of becoming a fluent speaker for free”

My Story

I’m Alex. I have been interested in Japan and Japanese culture since my childhood and so I started studying Japanese when I was still a high school student. In 2015 I finally moved to Tokyo and I have been living here in Japan since then.

Currently, I’m working as a teacher at a private conversation school and I have learned a lot not only about teaching languages but also about studying a foreign language.

I have reached a Japanese level where I can understand nearly everything and I can handle all kinds of situations in Japanese. However, I’m not perfect and I’m still learning.

But why study all by myself when I can help other people learn Japanese, too?

That’s what I thought and that’s why I created AlexRockinJapanese. Instead of unnatural textbook Japanese, I want to focus on the useful phrases I hear and use in Japan every day.

Hopefully, my articles will help you to reach the Japanese level you want to have! If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime!

Let’s study Japanese together!

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